Terms and conditions of use

We offer a 100% 30 day money back guarantee for any reason.  Customer is responsible for return shipping costs of the product. 

For drop-shipper/merchant accounts: (people who have setup accounts with us previously) when checking out please ensure that the delivery address matches the credit card billing address.  Our credit card processor will auto reject if you try to put a different delivery address from the billing address.

If you need to drop-ship to a different address from the billing address please enter the intended delivery address in a note and we'll work with you to get that delivered properly.

The delivery address must MATCH the billing address of the credit card under the standard form to ensure the order is processed by the credit card processor, but drop-ship addresses can be entered as a note or sent to us via email after the order is placed.

Please note we won't deliver to an address different from the billing address unless you've previously setup a merchant account with us.  This is to prevent credit card fraud.  Thank you.