SHUZI Black Sport Cuff (SS)
  • SHUZI Black Sport Cuff (SS)
  • SHUZI Black Sport Cuff (SS)
  • SHUZI Black Sport Cuff (SS)

SHUZI Black Sport Cuff (SS)


Modernizing the design of the original Sports Cuff Bracelet for Men, we finished this bracelet with a black coating to give it a sleek and timeless look. Crafted of high-grade stainless steel, this piece is solid and durable. 

Cuff Size: Small

Product Information:

1)Horizontal Diameter (across the bracelet)

2) Vertical Diameter (top to the bottom of the bracelet by the opening)

3) Depth (total thickness)

4) Opening width (which is the total space available to fit your wrist into)

5) Circumference (distance around the inside of the bracelet)

6) Weight

Approximate dimensions of each bracelet:


1)Horizontal Diameter: 2.21" (56mm)

2)Vertical Diameter: 1.77" (45mm)

3)Depth: 0.30" (7.5mm)

4)Opening width: 0.95'' (24mm)

5)Circumference: 6.3" (160mm)

6)Weight: 1.36oz (34.5g)


1)Horizontal Diameter: 2.30" (58.5mm)

2)Vertical Diameter: 1.97" (50mm)

3)Depth: 0.30" (7.5mm)

4)Opening width: 1.02'' (26mm)

5)Circumference: 6.76" (171.5mm)

6)Weight: 1.56oz (39.5g)


1)Horizontal Diameter: 2.56" (65mm)

2)Vertical Diameter: 2.17" (55mm)

3)Depth: 0.30" (7.5mm)

4)Opening width: 1.26'' (32mm)

5)Circumference: 7.43" (188.5mm)

6)Weight: 1.95oz (49.5g)

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